53 Degrees North Adventure Club

Welcome to the 53 Degrees North Adventure Club. Take a look around the page to see what we're all about and check out the calendar below to see upcoming events you can join us on. Keep an eye on our emails and social channels to see when registration is open, to ensure that you can sign up and don't miss out. 

Adventure Club Calendar
Adventure Club Calendar
18 May
Saturday & Sunday
Camping Festival
Glencullen Adventure Park
8 June
4 Peaks Challenge
22 June
4 Peaks Challenge
Slieve Donard
10 August
4 Peaks Challenge
7 September
4 Peaks Challenge
26 October
Adventure Club's 3rd Birthday
Special Glendoo Hike

18 May 2024 - Camping Festival

Watch this space for more information!


Adventure Club Donard Hike
Paddleboarding Evening with Big Style
Adventure Club Header

The 53 Degrees North Adventure Club is all about sharing our love of the outdoors with our followers. We want to motivate you to get out and appreciate everything the outdoors has to offer. And what's even better is – we’re forging a community to help you connect and enjoy it.  

At the beginning of your hiking journey? We've got you. Need a guide to help you master some of the tougher trails? We’re there. Even if hiking isn't your thing, we've got plenty of other activities and workshops to ignite your love for the outdoors. And everything we do will include that socialising element, because remember, the outdoors is supposed to be fun.

Whether you've never laced up a pair of hiking boots before, or you're out trekking and camping in the mountains every weekend, the Adventure Club has something for you. We'll guide you to get started and keep going.