Understanding B-Corp Certification And Its Commitment To Sustainability

Sustainability, Ethics, and Adventure

In today's world, consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of environmental and social concerns when choosing products, and outdoor enthusiasts are no exception. For those who love adventure, protecting the planet is an essential goal. In this journey towards sustainability, B-Corp outdoor clothing companies are at the forefront of change. These businesses are certified to meet rigorous environmental and social standards, ensuring that outdoor lovers can gear up with confidence. We will explore what a B-Corp company is, why it matters, and give some examples of the B-Corp brands that we stock in store.

Sustainability is measured in many forms (which can be explored in our previous blog on Sustainable Credentials) but BCorp is considered the cream of the crop of certifications.

What is a B-Corp company?

B-Corp (Benefit Corporation) certification is a private certification issued by the non-profit B Lab. To obtain this certification, a company must meet comprehensive criteria across five key impact areas: governance, workers, community, environment, and customers. In short, a B-Corp outdoor clothing company is committed to upholding environmental and social values alongside profitability, ensuring that the products they offer are ethically made and have a minimal negative impact on the planet. You can find the full details on their website.

Why does B-Corp certification matter for outdoor clothing companies?

B-Corp certification matters for several reasons:

Transparency: B-Corp certified companies are required to submit annual assessment reports, which are publicly available. This level of transparency ensures that customers can make informed decisions based on accurate information about the company's practices and impact.

Sustainability: B-Corp certified businesses prioritize sustainable practices throughout their supply chain, from sourcing eco-friendly materials to implementing energy-efficient manufacturing and distribution processes. This commitment to sustainability is particularly essential for outdoor clothing companies, whose customers appreciate nature and want to minimize their ecological footprint.

Social responsibility: B-Corp companies place a strong emphasis on fair labor practices, worker safety, and overall employee well-being. Ethical treatment of workers is integral to the B-Corp philosophy, creating a more equitable and socially responsible corporate culture.

Community support: B-Corp certified outdoor clothing companies often engage in local and global initiatives to give back to communities and conserve natural habitats. This commitment to action supports the health of the planet and helps create a better world for future generations.

B-Corp Slogan
B Corp Logo over a forest

B-Corp companies currently in our stores

Here are some inspiring B-Corp outdoor clothing companies that prioritise sustainability, ethical practices, and social responsibility that we are proud to stock:

"Us lovers of the outdoors are all dependent on the natural world. We have a vested interest in protecting it"


B-Corp outdoor companies showcase the power of business as a force for good. By prioritizing sustainability, ethical practices, and social responsibility, these brands empower consumers to make responsible purchases and promote positive change. When you choose apparel from a B-Corp company, you are not only preparing for your next adventure, but you are also supporting businesses that work towards creating a healthier and more equitable world.

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