53 Degrees North Ambassadors

We are so excited to introduce you to our official 53 Degrees North Brand Ambassadors: Mel McDermott, founder of Galz Gone Wild, and Bernard Geraghty, founder of Bernard Geraghty Landscape Tours.

We have followed both Mel and Bernard's journeys for the past few years and have been so inspired by their love of the outdoors and passion for what they do. Their work and values embody the spirit of adventure, so they are a perfect fit for us and we are delighted to launch our first ever Brand Ambassador programme with them.

53 Degrees North Ambassadors 53 Degrees North Ambassadors

Melissa Mc Dermott aka Mountain Mel/Mountain Mam is an outdoor adventure enthusiast, mountain guide and Galz Gone Wild's Community Founder. Harnassing her personal experience with mental health and depression she embarked on her journey of reconnecting to the wild in 2017 as a means to heal. She completed her Mountain Skills 1 & 2 training and became Remote Emergency Care First Aid Certified.

One day on a solo hike in the Wicklow Mountains, an idea sparked 'An all female lead community that encourages and grows the confidence of women via guided outdoor adventures, getaways, workshops and training' . . GGW was born. Melissa is truly passionate about the outdoors and as a mental health advocate she wants to share the positive beneifts nature can have on your mental health and wellbeing.

We have followed Galz Gone Wild's adventures since the very start and were lucky to have Mel leading our hikers at the 53 Degrees North Adventure festival in Wicklow last year. We are very excited to see what the next year brings for Galz Gone Wild and are proud to have Mel as a 53 Degrees North Brand Ambassador.

53 Degrees North Ambassadors 53 Degrees North Ambassadors

Bernard Geraghty, is a professional landscape photographer and the founder of Bernard Geraghty Landscape Tours, taking groups of photographers from around the world, all over the world. From a young age Bernard had a keen interest in hiking, but it wasn't until 2015 when he got his first camera that his adventures became truly fulfilling. After spending a year chasing sunrises, sunsets and the stars at night, Bernard quickly realised he had found his calling.

Now in his 3rd year of business, Bernard's job has taken him all over Ireland, Iceland, Norway, the Arctic Circle, Scotland, the Faroe Islands, the Italian Dolomites, Tenerife, Switzerland, Africa, the U.S and Canada.

Bernard truly believes spending time in nature can act as a medicine. Being outdoors has a positive impact on his own mental wellbeing; while out shooting, taking time to enjoy the sights and sounds around him and witnessing the priceless reaction of clients shooting sunrises, sunsets, the Northern Lights and the Milky Way Galactic Core.

Bernard has been a customer of 53 Degrees North for many years. We have followed his adventures and have got to know him really well. We knew we wanted to work with him because he truly loves everything about the outdoors and his enthusiasm is inspirational. We are delighted to have him as a 53 Degrees North Brand Ambassador.

We have some exciting things planned with Mel and Bernard for the next few months, so make sure to keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

53 Degrees North Ambassadors

Videography: Joe Ladrigan

Photography: Brian Reilly Troy