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The Outdoors

Welcome to 53 Degrees North Outdoors.

Whether you are a seasoned explorer or just starting your journey, our Adventure Club and Explorer's Hub connect you with like-minded people and neccessary resources to enjoy the outdoors.

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The Adventure Club

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Find your next adventure with like-minded people. Our Adventure Club Calendar updates regularly, so be sure to come back to check for the next get-together or sign up for our newsletter to get the next dates directly to your inbox.

The Explorer's Hub

The Explorer's Hub is the go-to blog for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. It offers you a curated selection of high-quality articles, reviews, and tips related to outdoor activities, gear, and travel destinations. Visit this blog to get well-researched insights, stay updated on the latest trends in the outdoor world, and find inspiration for your next adventure. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a budding explorer, 53 Degrees North provides valuable content that caters to all levels of experience.