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YETI provides day in, day out usability, from coolers to tumblers. Their mission is to bring coolers that can be used every day - at home or in the field.



      YETI FAQ

      YETI Tundra Hard Coolers

      Every hard cooler YETI makes is over-engineered and built to outperform. With sizes that range from road-trip essentials to blue-water catches, you'll be equipped for wherever the wild takes you. Find below frequently asked questions about the YETI Tundra Cool Boxes by customers.

      YETI Tundra Hard Coolers are great for hunting, fishing, camping, rafting, barbecuing, and drinking. There's no adventure this mighty ice chest can't take on.

      Rotomolding is a plastic-forming process that produces extremely durable, hollow, single-piece molds. It's similar to how high-grade polythylene whitewater kayaks are made.

      The YETI rotomolded coolers are stronger than this grizzly and stronger than this guy. They also survived battles with a slingshot, so they are quite tough.

      Minimise negative variables (sun exposure, poor ice quality, too little ice, etc.) and check out YETI's video on how to pack your YETI Tundra Cool Box.

      Absolutely. The thickness of the walls, couples with the amount of insulation make Tundra Cool Boxes dry ice compatible.

      Yes. In fact, YETI's pitmasters use them to hold hot, fresh barbecue. The same insulation and thick walls that keep the cooler cold also keep the heat.

      Yes. We recommend using soap and warm water. If you need a heavy-duty cleaning, use a 6:1 solutution of warm water and bleach with a sponge or mildly abrasive rag.